US3 provides low cost wireless Web & SCADA based Sewer Event Monitoring using Cricket.

The US3 Cricket system monitors and reports CSO & SSO events.

Cricket provides sewer H2S, pH, CO, CO2, NH3 and NH3 monitoring, among others, with up to three year battery life.

All the data is brought to you wirelessly and directly to your SCADA system or on the secure US3 hosted website with comprehensive pre-packaged or ad-hoc reporting.

Cricket offers single point monitoring with all models and optional redundant monitoring if desired.

Cricket boasts flexible digital communications, which works with most industrial standards to transmit advanced relay alarms via AMR networks (Aclara), cellular, satellite and most wireless broadband environments.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) are caused typically by grease, root and debris blockages. Other issues include vandalism, pump station mechanical failures, power outages, excessive storm or ground water inflow/infiltration. Cricket is monitoring for all of these issues. In this way many SSOs are preventable.

Cricket boasts proven continuous echo ranging technology to monitor water and wastewater of any consistency up to 6 meters (20ft) in depth, with achievable resolution of 0.1% and accuracy up to 0.25% of range.

Cricket uses two sensors, ultra-sonic (near real-time level) or IR depending on the applications and magnetic reed (continuous) interfaced directly A/D logger to monitor flow level.

The ultra low-powered micro-processor wakes up every few minutes (designated time increments of 1,5,15, 30, or 60 minutes) to turn on the sensor, take a level measurement, and log the data.

If an SSO condition is detected the data is transmitted to the US3 Data Center and to the associated Utility Maintenance Personnel.

Finally, Cricket is able to transmit raw wireless alerts directly to your mobile device and email through StreetSmart technology web application.