We at US3 offer our customers the widest range of support for specification, design, installation and maintenance for leading names and brands of instrumentation manufacturers.

We offer complete services for your instrumentation needs that range from simple calibration to onsite troubleshooting that can help keep your processes running smoothly.

We will modify our instrumentation services for you from simple process monitoring to advanced integrated process control.

We can assist your company maximize the benefits from your investments in your current or proposed processes by identifying and providing the right instruments for your needs.

  • All US3 Metrologist's (Physical/Dimensional/Electrical/Mechanical) have at least 7 years of experience.
  • US3 Metrologists are "PMEL" trained or equivalent.
  • All Metrologists are proficient in the calibration and repair to National Laboratory Standards

US3's Metrologists work to comprehensive Quality Assurance Program Requirements. They are experienced in Laboratories that utilize standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ). Their industry experience encompasses aerospace, pharmaceutical, high technology manufacturing companies, and nuclear facilities.

Physical And Dimensional:
Metrologists are able to perform functional and dimensional inspections of various types of complex precision measuring instruments and gauges to determine conformance to applicable specification standards.

Metrologists expertise includes Coordinated Measuring Machine ( CMM ) and Vision Machine programming.

Electrical: Metrologists are experienced in laboratory use of high accuracy voltage, current, and watt standards traceable to NIST. Their capability in cutting edge-technology enables them to service a variety of portable and electronic test instruments ranging from simple volt meters to spectrum analyzers.