Create a safe atmosphere for Industry, Cities & Counties sites.
Cricket Gas monitors air pollution episode in the ppb range (Parts Per Billion) in real-time and communicate wirelessly back to a secure web-based monitoring network

Utility Systems Science & Software (US3) provides environmental gas monitoring for a safe atmosphere.

Today's wirelessly connected monitoring systems for the detection of dangerous atmospheric gases and compounds provide a range of benefits for cities and environmental companies. With Cricket Gas , gas emission data can be viewed 24/7 from any web browser, or internet connection, using intuitive US3 Street Talk software.

Moreover, US3 supplies all of the instrumentation, manpower and reporting for Cities and Agencies that require accurate gas monitoring. Also we always monitors all sites and performs any necessary maintenance, including battery changes, for the duration of the contract without additional fees.

US3's comprehensive environmental gas monitoring will be tailored to match your budget.

Numerous gases are involved in pollution, explosion risks and impact human health.

The Cricket Gas monitors gases levels wirelessly. It allows to detect gases at very low concentration, log the data and communicate wirelessly back to a secure web-based monitoring network.

There are many applications for farms, cities and residential communities area that are near to industrial sites:

  • Explosive and Hazardous Gases
  • Air Pollution
  • Gas leakage
  • Toxic Gas Levels
  • Indoor Air Quality

The Device is proportioned for:

  • From Fence line monitoring to wide area networks
  • Plant perimeters
  • Very Low level gas source detection
  • Source tracking

Rapid deployments with flexible and portable detection implementations and easy setup are key benefits that allow organizations to responder safety, and comply with any regulations.

The capability of broadcasting alarms in real time gives safety managers unprecedented control of detection data, and software solutions provide new ways to view and aggregate data from multiple sensor sources.


  • Gases monitoring anywhere and anytime
  • High sensitivity of gas detection
  • Gas sensors operate using proven fuel cell technology
  • Transmit data for up to one year
  • Monitors at a determined sampling interval (15 , 30 min...)
  • Standard Reports and Graphs included
  • Compatible with XLS, DOC, SQL and PDF.
  • Discrete product

Advantage of Wireless Gas Monitoring system:

  • You do not have fixed wired system inconvenient : they are very costly to install, requires running thousands of feet of cable by skilled electricians, require digging hundreds of feet of trenches to run cables underground, have issues with broken or cut cable.
  • Wireless costs less, is scalable
  • Fully operational in 30 minutes
  • Allow real-time continuous data collection, (less time making manual readings,
  • Reduced travel and fuel costs because data can be transmitted from remote locations.
  • Wireless systems small and very easily transported to wherever they are to be installed, and once installed, they need no wiring.
  • Ability to broadcast alarms and data in real time from almost anywhere , because of advances in secure Internet access

A large range of low detection gas sensor are available with the Cricket:

Methane monitoring is also available with sensor which log from 0 to 100% of methane LEL with a very high sensitivity of CH4 detection.