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Millions of people depend on US3 every day, fulfilling the needs of communities around the country.

The US3 StreetSmart Data Center is an integral part of our commitment to Quality Data Now. This powerful set of tools puts you in control of your system 24/7 from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Secure and accurate data when you need it on your device of choice. The StreetSmart Real-time Web-Based Wireless Flow Monitoring Hardware and Data Center Software will be an integral part of your event notification system.

Pre-Integrated, Pre-Tested:

This System includes a user specific identity, 24/7 availability, web services, easy communication, and application platform components with a complete set of tools and all the benefits of an open platform.

Worry-Free Adoption:

You are free to incorporate new instrumentation as your system grows. Know that US3 is here with advanced technology-enabled services to help you integrate this new system to your existing SCADA system saving you resources, time and money.

Open Standards:

StreetSmart is based on off-the-shelf components so you don't have to worry about compatibility or efficiency when it comes to our devices.

Secure by Design:

We boast rock-solid security, controlled access and identity management when accessing your data through us.


Millions of people depend on US3 every day. We are known for being reliable and efficient. This expertise along with our new technology provides real-time data and analysis for your organization.

Here at US3 we want to thank you for your commitment to helping us eliminate sewer flow related problems all over the USA.